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Coz frm dis was concluded that atom had concentrated +ve & -ve charge & relatively large mass.

As most of the alpha particles passed straight through the foil,this shows that most of the atom is empty space.

Thus he concluded that an atom was made of a very dense,positevely charged nucleus surrounded primarily by empty space in which electrons could be found.

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Q: Why is Rutherford's gold foil experiment important?
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Rutherford's gold foil experiment provided evidence for what statements?

There is a dense, positively charged mass in the center of an atom...

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Was Rutherfords theory tested and published?

yes it was tested by the gold foil experiment

What was ernest rutherfords's experiment?

he shot tiny alpha particles throug a piece of gold foil.

What was rutherfords experiment?

he shot tiny alpha particles throug a piece of gold foil. -Apex

In Rutherfords gold foil experiment particles in dense atomic nuclei caused some alpha particles to bounce straight back from the gold foil.?


What did Rutherfords gold foil experiment help him conclude?

That the mass of an atom is mostly located in a small nucleus.

What materials are needed for rutherfords gold foil experiment?

For Rutherford's gold foil experiment, you will need the following materials: thin gold foil, alpha particles, a source for the alpha particles, a fluorescent screen or detector to observe the scattered particles, and a vacuum chamber to prevent air molecules from interfering with the experiment.

What did Ernest Rutherfords gold foil experiment demonstrate about an atom?

Ernest Rutherford's gold foil experiment demonstrated that atoms have a small, dense nucleus at their center that contains positively charged protons. This nucleus is surrounded by mostly empty space where negatively charged electrons are found orbiting. This experiment led to the development of the nuclear model of the atom.

What did ernest rutherfords gold foil experiment demonstrate about atoms?

The conclusion was that an atom has a nucleus (center) with a positive charge.

What is the purpose of Earnest Rutherfords gold-foil experiment?

to find out if all element has the same mass or can pass through the tin foil in other words not all passed through

What caused the deflection of the alpha particles in Rutherfords gold foil experiment?

A zinc sulfide coated screen surrounding the gold foil produced a flash of light whenever it was struck by an alpha particle. By noting where the flash occurred, the scientists could determine if the atoms in the gold foil deflected the alpha particles.

What caused deflection in rutherfords gold foil experiment?

The positively charged nucleus caused deflection. Positive charge is because of protons inside nucleus.

Rutherfords gold foil experiment showed that the atomic nucleus is?

Rutherford's gold foil experiment showed that the atomic nucleus is a small, dense, positively charged center of an atom. This discovery led to the development of the nuclear model of the atom.