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John Jay helped end the Revolutionary War in 1783.

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Q: What did john jay do for the Revolutionary War?
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American envoy to peace treaty that ended revolutionary war?

John Jay

What has the author John Jay written?

John Jay has written: 'John Jay: the making of a revolutionary'

Who A prominent lawyer during the revolutionary war?

John Jay was a prominent lawyer during the American Revolutionary War. He would go on to serve as the 1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Americas senior negotiator at the peace talks ending the revolutionary war was who?

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay negotiated peace that ended the revolutionary war

American envoy to the peace treaty that ended the Revolutionary War first chief justice of the supreme Court of the United states?

john jay

What did john Adams do to contribute to the Revolutionary war?

In 1781 he participated with Franklin, Jay and Laurens, in development of the Treaty of Peace with Gr. Britain and was a signer of that treaty, which ended the Revolutionary War, in 1783. from <>

Was John Adams a revolutionary?

yes he was in the revolutionary war

What did John Pitcairn do in the Revolutionary War?

He shot the first bullet to begin the Revolutionary War...

Who negotiated a peace treaty to avoid a costly war with Britain?

john jay

What did John Ross do in the Revolutionary War?


Who went to the Treaty of Paris from the colonies?

The Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War, was signed by representatives from the United States and Great Britain. The representatives from the colonies (United States) were Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay.

Who was the main negotiator for the Treaty of Paris?

Ben Franklin, Henry Laurens, and John Jay, but on the way to Paris, Laurens was captured by the British and imprisoned in the Tower of London. While in Paris, Franklin suffered a kidney stone attack. Leaving John Jay as the chief negotiator.