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you bother them and keep on bothering them and wont stop

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Q: What did lord Howard mean when he said that you pluck their feathers little by little?
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What did lord haward mean when he said that we pluck their feathers by littleand little?

Lord Haward meant that they were taking advantage of a situation by gradually exploiting or harming someone or something over time, similar to how plucking feathers off a bird would be done slowly and methodically. This could refer to slowly draining resources, exploiting vulnerabilities, or manipulating a situation for personal gain.

When did Lord Edmund Howard die?

Lord Edmund Howard died in 1539.

When did Lord William Howard die?

Lord William Howard died in 1640.

When was Lord Thomas Howard born?

Lord Thomas Howard was born in 1511.

When did Lord Thomas Howard die?

Lord Thomas Howard died in 1537.

When was Lord Edmund Howard born?

Lord Edmund Howard was born in 1478.

When was Lord William Howard born?

Lord William Howard was born in 1563.

When did Lord Michael Fitzalan-Howard die?

Lord Michael Fitzalan-Howard died on 2007-11-02.

When was Lord Michael Fitzalan-Howard born?

Lord Michael Fitzalan-Howard was born on 1916-10-22.

What did lord howard do in the armada?

lord Howard was the English leader for the Spanish armada. he was also accompanied by sir Francis drake.

Who are Catherine Howard's parents?

Lord Edmund Howard and Jocasta Culpepper.

When did Edmund howard die?

Lord Edmund Howard died in 1539.