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Separation of church and state

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Q: What did mestizos generally want in the new Latin American countries?
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What was the working class of Latin American society?


The working class of Latin American society was called?


What were the working class members of Latin American society called?


How can you use mestizos in a sentence?

Mestizos are Latin Americans that are of mixed European and Native American descent. An example of a sentence using the word "mestizos" is "The vast majority of Latinos are either Caucasians or mestizos. "

What was the largest group of people in the latin American colonial system that worked as servants and laborers?

The mestizos

In the latin American colonial system who were the Mestizos?

MESTIZOS are people of mixed European and Indigenous descent in Latin America.

Who are the mestizos of Latin America?

Mestizos are descended from Europeans, frequently Spanish, and indigenous peoples of Latin America

What group was made up of people with European and Native American ancestry in colonial latin America?


How many Latin American countries are there?

There's to be about 20 Latin American countries

Who were the mestizos the working condition class member of latin America society.?

Mestizos were individuals of mixed European and indigenous ancestry in Latin America. They were part of the working class and often faced discrimination and limited opportunities due to their mixed heritage. Despite this, many mestizos played important roles in various aspects of Latin American society and culture.

What are mixed race people of Latin America called?

I am assuming they are called "Mestizos" a mixed native American and Spaniard race most of Latin America is this.

What was the upper class of Latin American society?

peninsulares Your welcome a+ ^^ +(CoRxXxCoRe)+