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It sets limits in government action regarding a person's individual rights.

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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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civil rights

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Q: What did personal liberties protect?
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The liberties that the colonists fought to protect were based on?

The Colonists fought to protect certain liberties. These liberties were based on their belief to pursue happiness and religious freedoms.

What is the Constitution's Bill of Rights most concerned with?

the personal liberties of American citizens

What documents include personal liberties?

The documents that include personal liberties are the American bill of rights, the constitution, and the declaration of independence.

Does the bill of rights protect the individual liberties?


A liberal position is one which tries to protect individuals?

A liberal position tries to protect an individuals civil liberties. Some civil liberties are freedom from slavery and freedom of religion.

What does the liberal position try to protect?

Individual civil liberties

Which group wants to protect the civil liberties of citizens?


What is the motto of American Civil Liberties Union?

American Civil Liberties Union's motto is 'Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself'.

Who needed to protect the basic liberties?

Bill Of Rice.............Rights

The Bill of Rights was added to the US Constitution to guarantee a set of personal liberties to American citizens These included freedom of the press, freedom from government-established or -suppor?

It was good to protect the freedom of individuals.

Civil liberties are?

restrictions on government action that are intended to protect political freedoms

Ten constitutional amendments designed to protect American liberties?

Bill of Rights