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seized goods aboard American ships.

made American sailors serve in the British navy.

searched American ships for banned items.

bombed American ships at first sight

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Q: What did the British navy's use for impressment?
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British practice of boarding American ships and seizing sailors for service in the British navy?


Exphfj hjky rklai 1812?

Impressment in the War of 1812 was the British coming on American ships and taking their soldiers and forcing them to come with them and work for them.

What term describes the british policy of taking Americans sailors and forcing them to work on british ships?

Impressment, colloquially, "the Press", refers to the act of taking men into a navy by force and without notice. It was used by the Royal Navy, beginning in 1664 and during the 18th and early 19th centuries, in wartime, as a means of crewing warships, although legal sanction for the practice goes back to the time of Edward I of England. The Royal Navy impressed many merchant sailors, as well as some sailors from other nations. People liable to impressment were eligible men of seafaring habits between the ages of 18 and 45 years.Non-seamen were impressed as well, though rarely.Wiki

Impressment of 1812?

Impressment was a method used in Europe to get sailors by forcing them to join the navy without notice. The men who were impressed were nearly all sailors on merchant ships, and had experience at sea, which made them valuable. When the United States declared independence, there was little in the way of records that could prove a man was of one country or another. Many of the sailors on US merchant ships were English born, including both some who had moved to the United States and taken up citizenship, and some who had not. British ships stopped American merchant vessels, and a number of sailors who were on them were identified as British and removed for sea duty. Naturally, there were legitimate US citizens included among those who were taken. And just as naturally, the US government was more than slightly upset that its citizens were being kidnapped by the British government. The impressment of US sailors was one of the causes of the War of 1812.

What did the war hawks blame great Britain for?

They were angry about impressment. British people loved to work for Americans because Americans gave them more money. British soldiers weren't to happy about that, though. So, the soldiers boarded American ships to look for the British sailors. But, sometimes they caught American sailors instead. So, the War Hawks declared war.

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What word refers to the British practice of forcing American sailors into service of the British navy?

Impressment is forcing American sailors into joining the British Navy.

What was the practice called where Americans were forced into service with the British navy?

Impressment is the term used to denote the forcing of American sailors into the British navy/

What was the British practice of removing British deserters from American ships called?

Impressment :)

What is a sentence using the word impressment?

(The act or policy of seizing people or property for public use is called impressment.)"One cause of the War of 1812 was the impressment of US sailors into the British navy."

Did British impressment end after the War of 1812?

In fact, the British ended the practice of impressment before the US declared war.

What term describes the British policy of taking American sailors and forcing them to work in British ships?

its also called impressment .

Why did the British use impressment on our sailors?

They needed able body men to man their ships and it annoyed the Americans.

How did the British interfere with U.S trade?

Britain interfered with U.S. shipping by impressment .

The British policy of impressment was a kind of?

Forced enlistment

What was a direct cause of the war of 1812?

Britain's continued impressment of American soldiers. the war Hawks in Congress would only approve the war if it was to annex what is Now Canada and At Gent the other reasons use to go to war war wern forgotten because they stopped as soon as the British Defeated Napoleon the Americans were trying to supply the French and the British were stopping them and the British were only removing deserters from American ships

What was the term for the forced enlistment of sailors into the British Navy or British Man Stealing?


What was the term for the forced enlistment of sailors into the British Navy or British Man-Stealing?