What did the Calusa eat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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coconut cream pie and corn (maize)


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you are completly wrong
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They ate sea food

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Q: What did the Calusa eat?
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What kinds of food did the Calusa eat?

they ate shell and fish

What vegetables did the calusa Indians eat?

The Calusa Native American tribe mainly ate fish, oysters or any other seafood's. Calusa hunters would hunt birds at a very small game,.

What did the calusa eat for food?

by going to the river and use the net to caugth fish and shell

What did Calusa Indians eat?

The calusa Indians did not farm. They made nets called weirs to catch fish and hunted deer and other small animals.

What was the calusa Indians laws and rules?

what were the rules or laws that the calusa had

How did the calusa Indians prepare their food?

how did the calusa prepare their food

What did calusa eat?

coconut cream pie and corn (maize) hi

What languages were spoken by Calusa Indians?

The Calusa Indians spoke a language known as Calusa. Unfortunately, the language is no longer spoken today as the Calusa people are considered extinct. However, their culture and history are still preserved and studied.

What language did the calusa tribe use?

The Calusa tribe originally spoke the Calusa language, which is considered to be a unique language isolate. Unfortunately, the language became extinct in the 18th century due to the decline of the Calusa population and the impact of European colonization.

What are the roles of the men in the Calusa tribe?

what was the calusa indians roles for men

What kind of house did the calusa live in?

the calusa indians lived in wall less huts that stood on poles

How did the Calusa get around?

I have NO clue