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The French allied themselves with the Americans, thus requiring the British to fight two enemies at one time instead of just one.

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The French realized that the United States might actually win the American Revolution war against Britain. In 1778 the French declared war on Britain and provided aid to the Americans.

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Q: What did the French do in the American Revolution?
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What was Edmund Burkes' philosophical position in relation to both the American and French Revolution?

American Revolution - for French Revolution - against American Revolution - for French Revolution - against

Did The french revolution happen before the American Revolution?

The French Revolution happened during 1789-1799 and the American Revolution happened during 1775-1783. So the French Revolution happened before the American Revolution.

How did the French Revolution influence th American Revolution?

It didn't. The American Revolution was over before the French Revolution began.

Which took place first French revolution or American Revolution?

The American Revolution.

What revolutionary movement inspired the french to rebel?

The American Revolution

What revolution can be compared with the french revolution?

The French Revolution is most likely to be compared to the American Revolution because the French peasants had gotten the idea of the American's Constitution and the idea of rebelling from the leader.

What significant american event helped inspire the french revolution?

It was the American Revolution, and its success, that significantly inspired the French Revolution. The French Revolution lasted from 1789 to 1799.

What best describes a difference between the French and American revolutions?

The American Revolution created a lasting form of liberal government, while the French Revolution did not.

Did the French or American or Russian Revolution come first?

The American Revolution came first in 1776, followed by the French Revolution in 1789 and the Russian Revolution in 1917.

how were the french revolution and american revolution different?

The American Revolution succeeded in establishing the long-term representative government while the French Revolution eventually produced a dictator (Napoleon Bonaparte). The American Revolution was different from the French revolution because the Americal revolution was a revolt against a colonial power. The French revolution was an uprising against the appression imposed by Members of the titled nobility.

In what sense was the French Revolution tied to the American Revolution?

ok i don't know why everyone calls the french and Indian war the french revolution cause there was a french revolution but the french revolution is differ from American revolution and french and Indian war was fought in new franceand the colonist moved there wanted freedom caused a war and french helped them defeat british

How did the french-american alliance affect the American revolution?

The Frano-American Alliance won the American revolution. French money, weapons, ships and commanders were vital to the American victory.