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America was allies with France, who supported the Americans. The American Revolution inspired the French Revolution, but since the French Revolution was so bloody, Americans didn't openly support the French Revolution, which made the French annoyed.

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Our major ally was France. They sent men, guns, ships, and supplies.

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Q: Who secretly aided American troops in the American Revolution?
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Native Hawaiian ruler overthrown in a revolution led by white planters and aided by US troops?

Queen Liliuokalani

When did the U.S. begin computer aided sign making?

American industry started the revolution in computer-aided sign making in 1983

Who made up the two sides in the American Revolution?

The British were opposed by the American patriots aided by the French.

What did bernardo de galvez have to do with the american revolution?

he was the spanish governer of louisiana and aided the americans.

Who aided Great Britain and who Aided America during the American revolutionary war?

In the Revolutionary War, Great Britain was aided by German Hessian forces, while America obtained troops and support from the French.

Who was the governor of Louisiana that secretly sent aids to the Americas?

Bernardo de Galvez was the Spanish governor of Louisiana that aided the American colonies during the Revolutionary War.

What country did Spain and France protect in the American Revolution?

Spain and France aided the colonists during the American Revolution. They both saw the war as an opportunity to weaken their common rival, the British Empire.

During the revolution the greatest aid was given to the Americans by?

France aided the American revolutionaries against Britain.

How did the french aid colonists during the American revolution?

The French primarily aided the colonists during the American Revolutionary war by providing supplies, and weaponry to the deprived Continental Army. French troops were also holding their front against The United Kingdom in Europe, thus weakening the British in the colonists favor.

What role did native Americans play in the revolution war?

it's a multiple choise. A. They allied themselves with the British, who had tried to protect them against American encroachment. B. They allied themselves with the Americans, since the British had failed to protect them from American encroachment. C. Most tribes officially maintained neutrality but secretly aided one side or the other. D. They divided in allegiance, just as many white Americans did.

Who was the French king who secretly aided Charles the II?

King Louis XIV of France.

How did European countries aid Americans in the war for Independence?

One European ally that America had acquired during the American Revolution was France. The French aided America by sending a fleet and soldiers to help combat the British.