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They hunted bison and deer. They were also fisherman. They caught oysters and shrimp. They gathered food as well such as berries, nuts, roots, wild grapes, wild honey, persimmons, and other fruit.

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The Atakapa - Ishak (Ishak means 'people') are still in existence, along with many other indigenous cultures, who collectively make up 5% of the world's population (according to the Indigenous People Resources website). Don't refer to them in the past tense unless you're just talking about their ancestors. If you want to learn about them as a people of the past and present, go to their website or go to a reliable website, all you have to do is Google them. And to specifically answer the original question: yes, they are mainly fisherman, and that is why the Gulf Oil Spill has been and will continue to harm their culture and livelihood. How can ordinary Americans help? At least talk about it with your family/ friends/co-workers to let them know about the Atakapa- Ishak culture threat. If you want to help further, use ya brain and do what you need to do!

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I dont know were they live we are in 4th grade so... I dont know im working with my spanish partner...bye wish us good luck on the test and the project

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the attakapas wore animal skin like buffalo.

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they wore breech cloths and towels

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Q: What did the atakapa Indians wear?
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Where did atakapa Indians live in modern-days?

the atakapa lived near modern-day

Who are the oldest known Indians in Louisiana?

The Atakapa

What languages are spoken by Atakapa Indians?

Atakapa people speak English. Historically, they spoke the Atakapa language, which went extinct in the early 20th Century.

What did the atakapa Indians use for weapons?

axe , bow , spear

What kind of clothing did the Atakapa Indians wear?

The Atakapa Indians wore clothing made from animal skins, such as deerskin or buffalo hides. They would also make garments from woven plant fibers like palmetto leaves, and often decorated their clothing with beads, shells, and feathers. The style and type of clothing varied depending on the season and the specific activities they were engaged in.

What is the original location of Atakapa Indians?

Atakapa Historical Marker locatedbetween DeRidder and Merryville,Louisiana at intersection ofUS Hwy 190 and LA Hwy 111

What did the Atakapa Indians homes look like and what were they called?

They looked like little huts. They were called domes.

What region in Texas did the atakapa Indians live?

Texas was not yet named when the Atakapa people lived along the Gulf coast, from the area that became called Galveston Bay as far as Vermilion Bay, Louisiana.

Where did the atakapa Indians live?

in Russia then the got kicked out and moved to south america,but they were threatened to leave then they went to north America and scattered.

What did the atakapa wore?

Atakapa men wore breechcloths. Atakapa women wore wraparound skirts made of deerskin or woven fiber.

How do you pronounce Atakapa?

Atakapa is pronounced as AH-tuh-kuh-puh.

What did the Seminole Indians wear?

What did Seminole indians wear ?