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Chinese But people say spoon theree will be more Indians

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Q: Are there more Indians or Chinese in the world?
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What cultures in the world has talked or written about the apopcalypse?

Lets see, The Myans, Hopi Indians, Christians,Chinese,and probably many more...

what did the chinese and east indians contributed to egonomic?

African Descendants 90% East Indians Chinese White

Which country people is more intelligent in the world?

Indians are most intelligent in world

Who built houses in the rennaisance?

the Chinese Indians

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chinese, indians,westerners

Why is Chinese writing an important role in the world?

because more people are starting to come from china and talk chinese.

Two largest ethnic groups who built the central pacific railroad were Chinese and?

American Indians and the Chinese

What Indians purchased agriculture land in sikkim state?


Who came to CA?

pioneers, indians, mexicans, chinese people

Are Hopi Indians mixed with Chinese?

No. They have lived in the Southwest for thousands of years. Their language is nothing like Chinese and the physically do not look like Chinese people. It is thought that all Native Americans came from North Asia 15,000 or more years ago but not that they are related to the Chinese people but to others long ago.

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I'm pretty sure it's Mandarin Chinese

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