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About 1.3 Billion

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Q: How many Chinese are there in the world?
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Who celebrate's Chinese New Year?

Chinese people

How many Chinese died in World War II?

Chinese dead exceeded 11 million.

How many Chinese alligators are left in the world?

There is only 27 Chinese alligators left in the worldThere is about 120 chines alligators left in the world.

Most preferred cuisines in the world?

Just by the numbers, the answer is Chinese food! Chinese food is eaten by most of those many, many millions of Chinese people. And it is eaten by ALL the Jewish people of NY.

Do Chinese people want freedom?

Yes, of course. I think everyone in the world needs freedom. I am a Chinese, and I know many foreigners have much misunderstanding about China and Chinese people.

What are the Chinese cuisine eaten world wild?

Chinese cuisine is eaten world wide because it is considered delicious. It appeals to many different flavor palettes. It has also been adapted to different countries, such as the yeast rolls served in American Chinese restaurants.

Is it the richest language Chinese?

No. Chinese takes words and ideas from only one culture, but English takes words and ideas from many cultures around the world.

How many Chinese troops went to Europe in world war 1?

150,000 went to Europe

How many people order a Chinese a year?

Total population of Earth = 6.8 billion Chinese population = 1.3 billion 0.0015% of the world order Chinese food every day. 3.6 billion people order Chinese food a year.

What is the first thing Chinese people say when it is Chinese New Year?

welcome to our world in Chinese

How did silk effect the world?

The Chinese made silk, but it stayed a secret until the Europeans captured a Chinese man and forced him to tell them how to make it. Even today, we wear silk.

How do you write 'World Cup' in Chinese?

'World Cup' in Chinese is '世界杯' (Shi Jie Bei).