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they work for work law.

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Q: What did the executive work for?
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What are two apartments that work with the executive branch?

The Executive Office of the President and the Cabinet & executive department are the two departments that work with executive branch.

Can the executive to will benefit from the will?

Yes, the executive of the will can be a beneficiary. They are also entitled to compensation for their work.

What does HR executive do?

The HR Executive person take in charge of the human resource process and he work for it.

What are the responsibilities of a store executive?

what work in line

What branch does the president work in?

executive branch

What are the responsibility of store executive?

what work in line

Do executive chefs work in hotels?


What is the work of executive?

it makes lawss :D

What is meant by operation executive what is the job done by an operation executive in a shipping company what is the minimum salary an operation aexecutive will get?

s the work of operation executive

How does executive matchmaking work and what do they screen for?

Several dating services focus on executive matchmaking. These firms include , and

How many people are employed by executive branch?

The Executive Branch of the US government employees most of the people who work for the government. In 2014, there were about 4 million people employed by the Executive Branch including the military who work for the Defense Department.

What are the duties of the chief executive office?

will the response be instant the chief executive officer manager a company the chief executive officer gives directive to people under or people that work with him the chief executive officer brings new ideas that could move the organization forward. the chief executive officer motivate the member of staff to work with zeal.