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The structure of the federal government was discussed at the Constitutional Convention, along with how power should be shared between the states and the national government. Another significant issue was how representation in Congress should be determined.

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They discussed the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, tried appointing a President (George Washington), developed the three branches, and provided checks and balances.

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Q: What did the founders discuss when drafting the constitution?
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Who was the single biggest influence on the Founders in drafting the Constitution?

Dr B R Ambedkar

Who the founders of freedom of expression?

the founders of the constitution. they protected the freedom of expression in the U.S. Constitution

Was the US Constitution created by the founders?

The US Constitution was not created by the Founders. The US Constitution was written by delegates who attended the Philadelphia Convention.

How did Madison contribute to the drafting of the us constitution?

Father of the Constitution.

What led to the drafting of the 1861 constitution?

The drafting of the 1861 constitution of Texas was begun because of the attempted succession from the Union by Texas. The new constitution was established under the Confederate States of America.

What issuses the largest and smallest states didnot agree wen they were drafting the US constitution?

On what issues thee largest and smallest states did not agreewhen they were drafting the US constitution?

How did the founders put of right in the Constitution?

He wanted to

How slavery was handled during the drafting of the us constitution?

During the drafting of the US Constitution, slaves were ignored basically. They were "possessions". The Constitution dealt with citizens rights and responsibilities to their government (and vice versa), but "possessions" do not have rights.

Civic virtue relate constitution?

It relates to the Constitution because the founders used the Roman government as in inspiration for the Constitution. They had civic virtue, so the founders believed civic virtue was important in order to have a republic.

Who is the only Muslim member of drafting committee?

It depends entirely on what they were drafting, be it a constitution, architectural plans, a novel, a research paper, etc.

Who is the father of the constitucion?

The father of the Constitution is known as James Madison. This is because he was known to have an important role in drafting the Constitution and revising the Constitution.

What is the Philadelphia convection?

I assume you mean the Philadelphia Convention. This was an assembly of leaders that took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1787. The convention was held to discuss the difficulties of operating under the Articles of Confederation. These discussions led to the drafting of the U.S. Constitution. To put it simply, the Philadelphia Convention is where the Constitution was drafted.