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To ratify the Articles of Confederation.To change and make better the Articles of Confederation.To elect a President.To write the Constitution.To weaken the federal government

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Q: What did the framers do instead of revising the constitution at the Philadelphia?
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What did the founders do when the Articles of Confederation failed?

they were so tired of the weaknesses, so they gathered up in Philadelphia in 1787 for the constitution convention, and wrote a new constitution that established a national government with three branches, instead of revising it.

What did the leaders decide to do instead of revising the Articles of Confederation?

The convention that came to be known as the Constitutional Convention or the Federal Convention, meeting in Philadelphia, was instructed by the government under the Articles to revise the existing frame of government. Instead, the delegates decided to throw out the Articles of Confederation and write a new constitution for the nation.

What political arrangement did the framers of the Constitution prefer?

The framers of the constitution leaned toward a Republican system of government. They felt that a republic led to indirect authority where people can elect political figures to make some decisions for them instead of all of them.

Why did the framers of the constitution not include the direct election of the president?

They instead used an electoral college to prevent a majority mob rule

What were the first set of laws of the US called?

The first set of U.S. laws were called The Articles of Confederation. The framers were going to amend it, but instead wrote the Constitution.

Should Homework come before revising?

Totally because If you have ages of Homework that is Due tomorrow or a couple of days away why would you do revising instead?

Why was the Constitution signed in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

Because the United States did not want the Brittish to control them anymore.

In 1787 what building did the representatives of American states meet to write the US Constitution?

The constitution of the United states was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was signed in Virginia by 52 people. The founding fathers signed the Constitution in Philadelphia. It was signed in the white house

Why did the representatives of the states meet in Philadelphia in 1787?

They met in Philadelphia because they wanted to revise the weakened Articles of Confederation. Instead they ended up re-writing the Constitution.

What is the Constitutional Convention of 1787 called?

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called in order to consider amendments to the Articles of Confederation, not to write another Constitution entirely. During deliberations over amendments to the Articles, it was realized that the Articles could not be patched up to make them workable. The framers began to think in terms of a completely different approach to a national government and created the Constitution. One irony is that some of the states never would have sent delegations to the Convention if they knew the Framers were going to create a whole new system instead of fixing the old one.State house, Philadelphia, PA. There is a copy of it at Knox Berry Farm in LA.

What views did the framers hold about the power of the presidency?

The Framers didn't have differing views on Presidential power; instead, they believed the Executive branch should be "checked."

What different views did the framers hold about powers of the presidency?

The Framers didn't have differing views on Presidential power; instead, they believed the Executive branch should be "checked."