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when did the macassans come to Australia.

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Q: What did the macassans discover?
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When was macassans born?

the Macassans was born 1942

What was the Macassans' nationality?

The Macassans were from Macassar, from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

What did the macassans trade?

They traded trepang (sea cucumber), rice and tobacco.

Why did the Macassans travel each year to Australia?

The Macassans werer the people ofye area now known as Indonesia. Hundreds of years before Europeans even discovered Australia, the Macassans came to the shores of Northern Australia to hunt for trepang, or sea slugs. These were considered a delicacy, and could be traded with other cultures.

What cultures have interacted with the aborigines?

Prior to the Europeans arriving in Australia, the Macassans (an Indonesian people) traded with the Aborigines.

Did the Chinese discover Australia?

No, the Aborigines were the first people in Australia, and they were originally from the Indian subcontinent. The first known Asians to have contact with the Australian continent (long before any European explorers) were the Macassans, from modern-day Indonesia. It has been speculated that the Chinese may have been in contact with the Aborigines before the continent was settled by Europeans, but there is little, if any, evidence to support this.

What was aboriginal money?

The indigenous people of Australia did not have any concept of ownership or greed, so they did not have any money. They traded goods with other tribes, and with visitors such as the Macassans, but they did not have money.

Was the influence of the macassan people positive or negative on Australia?

It could be argued that the influence of the Macassans was negative, for two major reasons. 1. The Macassans were the first to interact at length with the indigenous Australians. Their influence changed Aboriginal culture inexorably. Words from their language made their way into the Aboriginal dialects; their tools were introduced, as were hunting methods and weapons; even Asian stories and music infiltrated indigenous culture. 2. It is believed that Macassans were the first to introduce domestic cats to Australia, even before the Dutch explorers did. These domestic cats were sometimes left behind, resulting in a rapid expansion of new, feral populations, which have caused untold damage to native wildlife.

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Why did the Macassar people explore Australia?

The Macassar people, or Macassans, did not really "explore" Australia, but they sought sea slugs, or trepang, along the northern coast of the continent. Trepang was a delicacy which they could trade with other people.