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no, but they say that because fire is a common need in humanity

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Cavemen started making fire about 400000 years ago.

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Q: When did Cavemen discover fire?
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Did cavemen really discover fire?

Yes and no. They did back in the Ice Age, but the GEICO commercials say otherwise.

What is significance of invention of fire?


Did cavemen have heat?

they used fire

Were cavemen dangerous?

They had fire and weapons strong enough to kill animals (and other cavemen.)

When did cavemen start making?

Cavemen started making fire about 400000 years ago.

What form of light was cavemen using?


What did cavemen trade?

Rock,fire and food.

How did caveman control fire?

cavemen controlled fire using cocks, hahahha

What date did the people find fire?

Theres no accurate information on when cavemen invented or found out about fire.

What did the cavemen use the fire for?

2 cook fud makeing it eatable.

What is a sentence for century?

Cavemen made fire hundreds of centuries ago.

What did cavemen use to hunt with?

Cavemen used wood for fire to keep themselves and others warm. They also widdled the wood to make weapons.