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they mean the law

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Q: What do all the amendments mean?
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When was All the Amendments created?

All the Amendments was created in 2007-02.

Which amendments apply to the french fry case?

All the amendments were applied to it.

What amendments are important?

All of them.

What does era mean in words?

Equal Rights Amendments

Where are all the amendments started?


Where have all the amendments start?


These amendments were all approved in?


What are the amendments of the US?

Since it was first adopted, the Constitution of the United States of America has had 27 Amendments. The Constitution and all its Amendments are available at the website below.

All amendments to the constitution must be approved at the and at the -?

All amendments to the constitution must be approved at the end of a national convention assembled at the request of the legislatures.

What are the first five amendments rights not covered by the US Constitution?

All amendments are part of the constitution and covered by it.

All Amendments to the US Constitution ARE NOT __ and ALL OF THEM HAVE exceptions?

your right

What were informal amendments of the US constitution?

There are no "informal" amendments. All 26 amendments are approved by Congress and are part of the constitution. Your question makes the assumption that there are two constitutions and there isn't.