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Libertarians believe in SELF-government, and in personal freedom. Governments in general are a necessary evil, to be tolerated and strictly limited. Personal freedom should to be maximized.

In general, a Libertarian will generally disagree with the statement "There ought to be a law...." Most laws are BAD laws, even the necessary ones.

Libertarians believe in personal responsibility for their own actions.

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Q: What do libertarians stand for?
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When was The Libertarians created?

The Libertarians was created on 1992-12-07.

When was Libertarians for Life created?

Libertarians for Life was created in 1976.

What libertarians believed in?


What is the libertarian view on gay rights?

Libertarians believe you can't infringe on someone's rights. Therefore libertarians support it.

Why do libertarians support same-sex marriage?

Libertarians believe the government should not be telling people whom they can and cannot marry.

What is libertarians stand on global warming?

Libertarians in general do not support solving the global warming problem by way of government action for several reasons. The biggest reason is that government action generally has unintended consequences, especially in this case where government action would mean more taxes, more regulations etc. But also some libertarians are skeptical that man can even do anything to solve the global warming problem because some do not believe man has really contributed to the problem in a big way. Although libertarians are generally pro-science, they are also generally skeptical, especially of anything supported by the government.

What are the release dates for Stossel - 2010 The Rise of the Libertarians?

Stossel - 2010 The Rise of the Libertarians was released on: USA: 14 November 2013

Do libertarians support pro life or laissez faire more?

Laissez faire because abortion is a sensitive issue, which by the way most libertarians are pro choice.

What is the difference between the views of libertarians and totalitarians?

There is a huge difference between the views of totalitarians and libertarians. The former believes that the government should control almost every aspect of a nation. On the other hand, libertarians believe that government should be small and not intrude upon the peoples rights.

National authority has traditionally been preferred by?


What are the policies of the Libertarian Party?

In short, Libertarians believe the government should never violate an individuals rights (socially liberal), and should be extremely limited its power, especially in regards to the economy (economically conservative).Carried forward, Libertarians generally support gay rights, a woman's right to choose ("pro-choice"), and an individuals privacy (opposed to the Patriot Act, and to a degree also opposed to the CIA). Anything that expands the individuals' rights, Libertarians support.Economically, Libertarians generally believe that Capitalism should be unregulated. There are some blatant problems with monopoly and scams (i.e. Ponzi schemes), and a certain number of Libertarians believe there ought to be some regulation.In a similar vein, Libertarians generally are opposed to the power of the monopoly called government. As a political philosophy, Libertarians believe the government should exist only to protect the liberties of its citizens. A strong military is acceptable, but Libertarians favor the philosophy of the founding fathers - nonintervention.These "policies" are only as I understand them, and should not be taken as representative of all Libertarians. Visit to learn more.

Do libertarians support legalization of marijuana?

A lot of libertarians do support it because they support liberty & free will. Most politicians who openly support marijuana legalization are either libertarian or liberal.