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Versatile Maritime Force (UK military) Voenno-Morskoj Flot (Soviet Navy) Fixed Wing Marine Fighter Squadron Valve Material File All have to do with militaries

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Q: What do the military initials VMF mean?
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What do the military initials DEH mean?

Director of Engineering and Housing

What do the military initials smsgt mean?

Senior Master Sergeant (Air Force).

What do the initials BRAC mean?

The initials BRAC mean Base Realignment And Closure. This term is often used by the Government. More specifically, the term is used in the US military.

What squadrons flew the F-4U corsair airplane in world war 2?

VF-12 , VF-17 , VMF-124 , VMF-213 , VMF-215 , VF-32 ,

What do Canadian ww2 military initials rceme and cfmn mean?

RCEME = Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

What do initials RAC stand for?

it's, I believe, the inspectors initials on early military pistols

What do the initials SWL mean?

The initials SWL mean Safe Working Load

What does the initials egw mean on a coin?

These are the designers initials.

What do the initials MP stand for?

Members of parliament or Military Police

What does vmf in marine air wing stand for?

VMF stands for "Marine Fighter Squadron." It is a designation used in the United States Marine Corps to identify an aviation unit that primarily operates fighter aircraft.

What do the initials mmol mean?


When Niall Horan uses the initials KC what does that mean?

KC is the initials of his FaceBook account, apparently.