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The Democracy

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I believe it is called a democracy.

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Q: What do you call a government in which you the people elect their leaders?
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What do you call a government in which people elect their leaders?


What is russias government?

The government of Russia is what we would call a federation and semi-presidential republic. What this means, is that Russia is union of self-governing regions united by a central, federal government. The term semi-presidential refers to a sharing of day-to-day powers and administration of the state by both the president and the prime minister. The term republic indicates that ultimately the people (the citizens of the country) have supreme control over the government because they have the ability to elect leaders and if those leaders don't do what they are elected to do they can elect different leaders.

Government in which people elect delegates to make laws is?

A government in which people elect delegates to make laws is a Representative Government. A Democracy could be representative or direct.

Who can fire the government and parliament?

The people have the opportunity to vote leaders in and out of government. However, to get rid of a government overall would call for some sort of revolution or coup.

Why did leaders call for a Constitutional Convention in 1787?

The federal government was too weak...

What do you call a method of choosing a government leaders by means of popular consent?

It is called voting.

Do the people in Ethiopia vote to decide who governs the country?

Yes they do they call it the cadlorenzic when they elect a new leader

What do you call government by the people?

the senate

Who are the people who formally elect the president and vice president of the United states?

the Electoral College, or you could call them the Electors.

What is the system of government in which voters choose representatives to govern them?

The system of government in which voters elect representatives to make laws for them is called a republic, or sometimes some people call it a representative democracy.

What do you call the leadership in state government?


What do you call a government led by the people?

a democracy