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Just need english experience

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Q: What do you need to become a good magistrate?
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How old do you have to be to applying to become a magistrate?

A magistrate is a local government position. The local government employing the magistrate would set any/all qualifications for the position.

How do you become a Judicial Magistrate first class in Maharashtra state of India?

One has to appear for the Judicial Examinations of the state in order to become a Judicial Magistrate of Maharashtra in India.

Do you need a high school diploma to be a magistrate judge?

Unfortunetly, Yes. If you dont have a diploma you can't have a good job.

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What is the creteria for magistrate course?

In order to become a Magistrate you do not have to go thru any training ahead of time. Magistrates are appointed positions and training is provided by the court after appointment.

Why do you want to become a magistrate?

You could talk about how you would like to try something different from being an attorney. You feel you would be a good mediator and have a good handle on the law. You would like a chance to practice these skills.

What can be done if you need to go in front of a magistrate but that magistrate has been friends with the other party for many years?

He is required by law to forward the case to another magistrate/judge. If he does not, file a formal complaint with the States Attorney.

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