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will work hard to gain sucess

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Q: What do you propose to build on your strengths?
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What are the strengths of a Motte and Bailey Castle?

Strengths of a motte and Bailey castles are that its easy to build and quick to build. there is nothing cos there naf

What strengths can you continue to build on to maximize your success?

When you are asked what strengths you continue to build on to maximize your success, you need to look at your current record. The things that have made you achieve a lot in your career are the ones you should build on.

What is Sony's strengths?

graphics and build to last quality!!

Can you get married in My Sims?

Yes you just have to build up the two sims relationship. once you get to 100, then you get the option of propose,,, then under propose, is move in, then once they agree to move in, then click propose again, and it will have engagment. Then click propose again, and it will have marriage.

How do you describe the key strengths to build on in performance appraisal?


What were the strengths and weaknesses of the toltec?

the toltec build a great city states

Among the strengths Lyndon B. Johnson brought to the presidency was his ability to build what?


How can i propos an strangar girl?

You should first build a relation ship well than propose romanticaly at a quiet resatorant.

What if your sim is a girl and im playing the sims for computer why wont the guy propose to her?

The guy sim might not be proposing because he is the computer. Most of the time you have be the 1 to propose. You also might have to build the relationship a bit more.

Strengths or weakness on job review?

When you are asked about your strengths and weaknesses on a job review you should work to build up your strengths. Do not be shy and modest, list all of them. You should have a smaller list of weaknesses. You do not want to play up weaknesses during a job review.

What is a cheat to get married on sims 2?

There is no cheat, if you want Sims to get married you build their relationship up to a romantic one and then have one of them propose.

How long will it take for a sim to propose to another sim on sims 2 pets?

It depends on how high their relationship is, if they both have good chemistry and have a crush or are in love you should be able to propose, if not have them interact with each other as much as possible to build their relationship.