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Legal issues can be very complex, and it is understandable to me that fully qualified judges could arrive at different decisions about the same issue. It has often been said that there are two sides to every issue. Few issues are so clearly defined that they have only one possible interpretation.

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Q: What do you think of the split opinion between justices?
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What do you think of Supreme Court Justices having political party affiliations?

Supreme Court Justices do not necessarily have parties because they do not run for a political seat. The criteria for a supreme court justice has to be someone who is familiar with the law such as a former lawyer. If Supreme Court justices ran on a political platform that could complicate the position they hold because many political parties have money or a platform they run on.

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Referring to the average length of time modern justices sit on the Supreme Court one law professor stated that Serving 25 years or more is too long in a democracy. What do you think he meant by that?

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How does the media influence politics and what does mediated politics mean?

For many people the difference between what they think and the truth is the difference between the truth and what was printed in their daily magazine. Many people simply go along blindly with what the media say, sometimes combining ideas from different media sources, rather than "look behind the media"- that is, see clearly what happened and form an opinion on that rather than just what the article said. Many media sources actually do not state clearly or completely what actually happened and instead offer their opinion, allowing them to channel millions of different opinions to think the same way about something by preventing them from seeing the whole picture.

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