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George III's rejection of the Olive Branch Petition

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Magna carta

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Q: What document influenced Henry Richard Lee When he said convinced of the neccessity of separation?
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What document was written by Thomas Jeffereson and was the official separation from Great Britain?

The document that was written by Thomas Jefferson and was used as the official separation from Great Britain was the Declaration of Independence.

What document dictates the separation of church and state?

There is no document. The phrase was coined by Thomas Jefferson during his presidency.

What is the document Common Sense?

it is a document written by thomas Paine and it explained and convinced the people not to follow the king.(written by amir)

Who convinced them to toss it and write a new document?

George Washington and thomas jefferson

What influenced Montesquieu?

the us document that he infuenced was the US Constitution

What American document influenced the french revolution?

The Declaration of Independence.

What document would have influenced the reformers at the Seneca Falls Convention?

The Decleration of Independence influenced the reformers at the Seneca Falls Convention.

The Massachusetts Body of Liberties greatly influenced what document?

Bill of Rights

What document justifies separation from Great Britain and states American ideals?

The Declaration of Independence.

Which document associated with republicism individual rights separation of powers and checks and balances?

Bill of rights

What influenced the constitution?

The Constitution was influenced by the Articles of Confederation. When the framers wrote the Constitution, they had only intended to amend the Articles, but a whole new document emerged.

Which document justified America's separation from british by listing the colonist's grievances against the king?

The Declaration of Independence