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i dont know what currently states it but the magna carta was the first document that put the king under the law. that was some time back in the 1400s. the constitution does that now.

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Q: What document states that law applies to everyone even those who govern?
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Which document states that only the people have the power to govern?

Bill of Rights

Which document states that only the people have the power to govern who wrote it?

Decleration of Independence.

What document states that only the people have the power to govern?

i believe that it was the Declaration of Independence

Does the Declaration of Independence contain laws that govern the United States?

No, the Declaration of Independence is not a law making document. The US Constitution is the document that creates the laws that govern the US. The Declaration can only be used to help indicate the intent of the Constitution's framers, but does not create law.

Is the Declaration of Independence a legal document to govern the US?

Absolutely. It was ratified by the states, exactly as the Constitution was, and is the defining point of beginning for a new nation. A founding document is a statement of intent, for a new nation.

What was the US first ruling document called 1781-1789?

The first official document written that was put into effect to govern the United States was the Articles of Confederation.

What can be understood by reason and applies to everyone?

One example could be the principle of cause and effect, which states that every action has a reaction. This concept is logical and applies universally to all situations and individuals.

How did the geography affect the greek citi states?

Greece has mountainous terrains, a lot of valleys and small islands so it became hard to join everyone together since everyone was so separated. So, city-states came about because it was easier to govern locally in one's area.bcvgvsoeyancbnvnbbhghghghghghghghghghghghghghghghgghosts are haunting you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When did our first form of government begin to govern the united states?

Our first form of government began to govern the United States in 1787.

The first U.S Constitution was known as?

Assuming you meant to ask "what document covered the United States immediately after the Revolutionary War", the answer is The Articles of Confederation. The Articles weren't what we currently think of as a Constitution - that is, they weren't a single defining document outlining how a government was to be set up. Rather, they were a series of agreements between various States talking about how they were going to group govern.

How is the economy of totalitarian govern states?

It is a Planned Economy

What document began with 'You the people of the US'?

There is not a document that begins this way, but what this is referring to is the document that begins 'We the people of the United States...' That document is the constitution of the United States.