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Blitzkreig is German. What it means in English is lightning war, and the term "blitz" is applied to the bombings of various cities in Britain during the Second World War.

More technically, it was the coordinated invasion by aerial bombing and motorized infantry that conquered Poland in September, 1939, and France and Belgium in May, 1940. The sea invasion of Britain from across the Channel never materialized, in part due to the resources expended on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union.

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Blitzekrieg means lightning war in Germany. Also known as the Blitz, it was what was used to describe the nightly bombings of England by the Nazi's in WWII

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Blitzkrieg is the German word for "Lightning War", a battle tactic used for rapid deployment and encirclement of enemies on the front lines of battle.

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Q: What does Blitzkreig mean in German?
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What does the word blitzkreig in Blitzkreig Bop literally mean?

It is German for "lightning war", the term applied to the rapid motorized and aerial movement of German forces during the early stages of World War 2.

What was the first country to feel the German blitzkreig?


Was the blitz in World War 1 or 2?

World War 2, blitz is short for "blitzkreig"

What German military tactic is called lightning war?


German Lightning attack nickname?

Blitzangriff, I think. Blitzkreig = lightning war

When the blitzkreig happened?

Blitzkrieg is German for lightning war. That is what tactic Hitler used when invading Poland.

What was the name of German war tactics during world war 2?

Their main tactic was Blitzkreig.

What is another name for lighting war?

It was the Germans who used that term, so it is a German phrase- blitzkreig.

What German military strategy depended on surprise and overwhelming force?

This was known as Blitzkreig. (Lightning War)

Did the appeasement policy work to deter German aggression?

Hardly, the blitzkreig hunger to conquer broke that tactic.

What is aother word for fast moving attack?

Agile attack <><><> Blitzkreig- German for lightning war.

The German man who developed the blitzkreig and panzer?

Hitler was the one who made up the blitzkreg which means lightning fast.