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Q: What does Divine Providence mean in the constitution?
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When was Congregation of Divine Providence created?

Congregation of Divine Providence was created in 1827.

What are synonyms of Divine providence?

God's will.

What is a sentence with the word providence?

The man believed that it was by divine providence that he had found the lost wallet.

What is Providence Named After?

God. Divine Providence. This is also the name of a Hospital in Williamsport, Pa.

What is a word for decreed by divine providence?


What did Queen Elizabeth mean '' god blew and they were scattered?

She meant that the bad weather that scattered the Armada was sent by Divine providence.

Who is the Archangel of Divine Providence?

I think St. Michael is.

What is st betahny patron of?

archangel of divine providence

Why did Roger Willams name Providence Providence?

Obviously it had religious connotations. Providence, by itself and capitalized refers to God. Divine providence is a church-related Hospital in Williamsport, PA. Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island.

Is with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence in declaration of independence?


Is it good to question divine providence?

In theology, divine providence means the sovereignty or agency of God over events in people's lives. Whether you question this may depend on whether the leaders of your denomination allow freedom to question its teachings. Subject to this, it should be good to question divine providence, because it allows you to take responsibility for your own actions and the events that occur in your life.

Why do you call Mary divine providence?

It"s a little off -focus. Providence is normally reserved for God Himself. Saints have all sorts of gifts, virtures etc. Mary became a Mother ( of God) by Divine Providence, but this does not make her the font or source of this form of Supernatural Grace. Providence, by itself nearly always refers to God, not saints.