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Q: What does Period of Publication Historical Information mean?
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What does historical terms mean?

Historical terms are words/phrases (names/places/etc) that have importance/significance in their own historical context. A historical term for the Reformation period in Europe would, for example, be the Holy Roman Empire.

What does projected income mean?

Projected income is the amount of money that a company's accounting staff estimates the company will earn in the next fiscal period (or further in the future). It is generally forecasted using historical data and trends in income growth/decline, and predicted growth patterns from current and historical information.

What do historians mean by the term Prehistory?

Prehistory is that very long period of human existence where no written historical accounts were made.

How do you spell rennisance?

The word from French is renaissance (rebirth). When used to mean the specific historical period in Europe, it is capitalized Renaissance.

What does adjoured for publication mean?

to meet

What does place publication mean?

where it was published

What does Nop mean?

not operationalnot our publication

What does Dressed in period clothing mean?

"Period clothing" refers to the type of clothing that was worn during a particular period of history, as examples, during the 1600s... 1800s. Dressing in or wearing clothing of a particular period of time is used during historical re-enactments or during special festivals geared to that historical time. Note that in order to dress in the correct "period clothing", it requires a person to have a good understanding of history and historical events. For example, showing up in 1920s flapper clothes would not do when attending a Civil War (1865-67) historical re-enactment.

What does it mean to document a source?

To document a source means to record and cite the details of the source used in your work, such as author, title, and publication information. This allows others to locate and verify the information you have included in your work.

What did commenters mean when they referred to the late 20th century as the Information Age?

Modernity, a topic in the humanities and Social Sciences, is both a historical period (the modern era), as well as the ensemble of particular socio-cultural norms, attitudes and practices that arose in the wake of the Renaissance

Does the information age mean you are losing important historical information?

-Technology has helped us to research better in history. -It is also useful for deciphering codes, signs and ancient languages. -But, technology makes it easier for the new generation to acquire information while historical people learnt things on their own by experimenting. This historical information taught us not to make mistakes. - Information technology has led to lack of interest in what remained in the past, with evergrowing interest in the future

What does it mean if your on your period for a whole month but you know your not pregnant?

How long is too long for your period to last This link contains much useful information