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believes that the government shoulnt have to pay for other people believes that the government shoulnt have to pay for other people

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Q: What does Repulican party Mean?
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What issue brought about the organization of the repulican party?


Which political party favored high tariffs during the late 1800s and early 1900s?

The Repulican Party

How many presidents where elected from the Republican Party?

25 presidents form the repulican party were elected to be the president of the USA.

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt a repulican or democratic?

He was a democratic Franklin Delano Roosevelt was of the Democratic party.

Is Jimmy Carter a repulican?


Is Franklin peirce a repulican?

No. A Democrat.

Is there more Democratic or Repulican's?

There are more republicans

Was Franklin Pierce a repulican?

No, President Pierce was a Democrat.

What were the strength and weaknesses of the repulican ideology?

Well you see... No.

What are the democratic and republicans symbols?

democratic - donkey repulican-elephant

What is a repulican government?

it is for the chickens that faught in 1673. chickens do the most for the usa.

Is Sebastian Alexander of Florida a democrat?

Sebastian Alexander of Florida is a Repulican.