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Maine0% in | detailed results Click for detailed race results

✓ Barack Obama 0%

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They show a check mark on Biden and he has a much lower percentage
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Check mark means that candidate won the electoral college vote.
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Q: What does a check mark mean next to candidates projection results if the other candidates total votes are higher than the one with check mark?
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Someone suggested the Secretary of State investigates candidates. I can tell you that is not so. The Secretary of State does not investigate, it recommends and advises. The FBI investigates. Before I could work in the White House I had to undergo a thorough background investigation by the FBI for the Secret Service. *Candidates for political office, most especially the presidential candidates, do need better regulation. As far as I am aware, there has never been a thorough background check or polygraph of Barack Obama. It is entirely up to the voters to elect to office anyone they wish in spite of their background and make whatever check on the few requirements there are, i.e. age and birth. It is likely ACORN did Obama's background check. Another words, the system is flawed and we often get what we don't wish for.

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