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A good citizen will know the laws that surround them. They will also abide by said laws. A good citizen will also make sure that they are setting a good example.

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Q: What does a good citizens know?
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Is it important for a citizens to know how their country was formed?

It probably would be good. Citizens should not be citizens without knowing how their country was made.

Why is the bill of rights do important to us as citizens?

because it is good to know

What does the United States of America?

it means hello good citizens it means hello good citizens

How can we prove to be good citizens?

To be good citizens, you have to be obedient to the laws. The laws are in the constitution and paying your tax when due.

Where is Good Citizens Life Ins Company?

Where is Good Citizens Life Insurance of New Orleans La.

What would be a good awareness stratergy for senior citizens?

a good awareness first aid strategyfor senior citizens & illitrates a good awareness first aid strategyfor senior citizens & illitrates

Why is the US history such an important topic?

it is important to know the major events that changed our country's history that way we become good citizens

Why were the Millennium Development goals created?

maybe they want to make the citizens know what they have to achieve from their lives to be more discipline or be a good citizen

What should citizens do?

* citizens should vote ----* have a good education ----and ---- * obey the laws! ----

How do the beliefs and practices of Hinduism make Hindus good citizens?

no animal sacrifice and karma could make them good citizens

Why are the traits of a good citizen necessary?

Good citizens are what keeps the society going. Good citizens are the ones who work to help others, who help their society (town/city/nation/world) to prosper and grow. Bad citizens destroy what others have done, steal from and hurt others, and take the money and help that ought to go to good citizens who really need it. It's the good citizens we need to survive as a species.

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