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Q: Which president said good ballplayers make good citizens?
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What does a good citizens know?

A good citizen will know the laws that surround them. They will also abide by said laws. A good citizen will also make sure that they are setting a good example.

Advantages of democratic style?

Advantages include: Protects the Interest of Citizens, promotes equality, Responsibility and Stability in Administration , Helps Make Good Citizens and helps make change. Democracy is viewed to be an ideal form of political system and government.

What is an assembly or group of citizens that helps make laws?

An assembly, or group of citizens that helps make laws is called a diputacion

What was the grant administration scandals?

In march 12 1838, a big situation occurred The septemchanecells in the atmosphere were turning a grayish color which alerted many citizens, president Lincoln ordered the government to tell citizens to not panic, yet, for some reason they did, so Lincoln hired a group of men to make speeches in Getty square to citizens to calm them down, this group of men were called the Scandalous Grant Administration. and after that they continued to give speeches during situations to calm citizens down. SO basically, they were a group of men that gave speeches during situations to calm citizens down.

How do citizens and government work together for the common good?

A responsible citizen can report the common good by putting away there self interest and putting the common good before them. A good example is to help some fellow citizens by help cleaning up around your community. Another way is to start a club supporting the common good every one would want to join and it would make are government be the best there is. Common good is putting whats right in front of what you want (self interest. By using the common good (what your supposed to do it) will help every one instead of your self.

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How do the beliefs and practices of Hinduism make Hindus good citizens?

no animal sacrifice and karma could make them good citizens

Why did Jimmy Carter become president?

Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States. He became the president because he wanted to make the government competent and compassionate for the citizens.

Can the president make it bad for us?

The president's action or lack of action can affect our lives. The President has to consider the greater good and what is best for the most people. What is good for me may not be so good for you. The president can make bad decisions that are more costly than planned or had unexpected consequences. Short term gains may cause problems in the future. However, the President is limited by the balance of power. He can not do much without the approval of Congress and most of what he does can be fixed if it is turns out to be harmful. The general consensus of the people has far great effect than the President. We are more likely than the president to make it bad for ourselves by choosing bad officials or not doing our duty as informed citizens.

Why would you make a good president?

i would make a good president because i care about out country and its financial needs and i would try to fix them

Would Walt Disney have made a good president?

yes because he created good characters and he will make a good president

Who is the most powerful the us president of the king?

the king, he can change laws and make new ones and no one can do anything about it, while a president has to ask the citizens for a new law.

How i make a good president?

Use proper grammar

Would Hines Ward make a good president?


What celebrity would make a good president?

mark henrey

Would trump make a good president?

nope... no experience

Which president proved that good generals don't always make good presidents?


will you ever have another good president?

only if a good person agrees to run for President I think Condoleeza Rice would make an excellent President, but she doesn't want the job.