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Q: What does a millibar measure?
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What weather does millibars measure?

Millibars measure atmospheric pressure, which is an indicator of weather conditions. Low pressure systems usually bring cloudy, rainy, or stormy weather, while high pressure systems are associated with fair and clear skies.

What is the abbreviation for millibar?

The abbreviation for millibar is mb.

How many psi per millibar?

0.0145 psi per millibar.

What does the drop in barometric pressure from 1003 millibar to 926 millibar tell you about a hurricane?

Umm I dont know

Combien font 1 millibar en Pascal?

1 millibar = 100 Pa(conversion website in link)

How many millibar in a bar?

There are 1000 millibars in one bar.

Condition in which millibar readings are numerically small?

A condition where millibar readings are numerically small typically indicates high pressure, which often means clear skies, calm conditions, and good weather. Low millibar readings generally indicate low pressure systems, which are associated with storms, clouds, and potentially turbulent weather.

What is the formula to convert mm to m bar?

A millimetre is a measure of length or distance while a millibar is a measure of pressure. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid - unless there is additional information provided.

1 millibar is equal to how many Pascals?

.1333 kpa in 1 mmHg

1 millibar equals how many hectoPascals?


What is the air pressure at the top of the stratosphere?

About 1 millibar.

What is the pressure at 120000 feet attitude?

0.001 millibar