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an act

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Q: What is a measure that has become a law?
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Any measure enacted by congress must?

Pass through both houses of Congress for the bill to become law. Major bills become law through using a conference committee.

When the president signs a bill does it become a law?

Yes, the president can sign a bill that become a law.

What has the force of law although it does not become a law?

it is the law of gravitation

What is a measure that becomes a law?

an act

Which law of motion gives measure of force?

2 nd law of motion Force F=ma, gives te measure of force.

Does a scientific law become a scientific theory?

A theory, when proven over time, can become a law. Example: Law of Gravity and Theory of Evolution

Can the branches say no to a law and the law doesn't become a law?

Depends which country you are in.

When the president signs a bill it becomes a law?

A bill does become a law when a president signs it, but a bill can also become a law without the presidents signature.

When did the Articles of Confederation become the nations law?

a law or regulation

Why do you study criminal law?

I studied criminal law to become a law enforcement officer.

What do you become if you break the law?

If you break the law, you will be a criminal in the particular law-enforcement and will be penalized.

If a bill is vetoed it can become a law if?

If a bill is vetoed it can become a law by being sent back to the House of Representatives and the Senate. If 2/3 of both the House of representatives and the Senate vote yes for the bill to become a law, it becomes a law without a signature.