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Q: What does a pyramid of energy show about the amount of energy available at different trophic levels of food chain?
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What does a pyramid of energy show about the amount of energy available at different trophic levels of a food chain?


What would biomass tell us that a pyramid of numbers wouldn't?

A pyramid of numbers will only tell you the amount of organisms at each trophic level. A Biomass pyramid ignores the amount of organisms in favour of their biomass (dry weight) which in turn represents the amount of energy available at each trophic level.

What is trophic mass?

I would assume it to be the amount of mass in a specific trophic level. Thus, the trophic mass pyramid.

What the most energy efficient part of a trophic pyramid?

It is the part that has the least amount of energy in the trophic pyramid. An owl or skunk would be an example of this.

Which type of pyramid shows the amount of living tissue at trophic level in an ecosystem?

a biomass pyramid

What the total amount of organic matter present in any trophic level?

Biomass pyramid

The number of trophic levels in an ecological pyramid?

The number is limited by the amount of energy lost at each trophic level. Most cannot exceed 5.

Which trophic level contains the most available food energy?

On an ecological pyramid or in a food chain, typically, the highest trophic levels have the least amount of energy from the sun available for the next highest level. In a typical food chain, this would be the tertiary consumer level.

Why is ecological pyramid shaped like a pyramid?

A graphical model that is shaped like a pyramid to show how the energy flows through a food chain, how the amount of energy is decreasing and becoming less available for organisms as it enters each trophic level, and how much of the energy in the ecosystem is lost to the atmosphere as heat.

Why do different trophic level have different amount of energy?

Some energy transferred at each successive trophic level enters the environment as heat.

How does the amount of energy available at one level of an energy pyramid compare to the amount of energy available to the next level?

The most energy is available at the producer level of the pyramid . As you move up the pyramid, each level has less energy available than the level below.

What is the advantage of using a biomass or energy pyramid rather than a pyramid of numbers?

Not all organisms have the same mass. Consider 1 whale versus 5,000 plankton - the whale has much greater mass, but only 0.1% of the total number of organisms. When you compare mass, you get a better idea of how much energy is actually available at that trophic level. Basically, they are better to understand.