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this is a skin of a killer

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Q: What does edward describe his skin as?
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Does a cow hide only refer to the skin of a dead cow or can it also be used to describe a cow's skin that is living?

It can describe both.

Why the kiss is different for edward and Bella?

Because Edward is a vampire, and he could kill her if his teeth touch her skin.

What are some characteristics of Edward Cullen in twilight?

edward was glaring at Bella on the first day.Also,his skin is cold.

H0w did edward the 1st describe the Scots?

scottish scottish

What are some adjectives that describe edward tulane?

Generous, and patient.

My snake has weird skin help me?

what is wrong with it describe what the skin looks like

How to Describe the process of cell metabolism in skin?

can you explain skin cell's metabolism

What does Edward look like?

Edward is described as having bronze hair, pale skin, and golden brown eyes. He is tall and lean with a striking appearance.

What is a word to describe Rosalie?

Pigheaded. Edward said this in Twilight

General name to describe outer facial skin?

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin.

How does Bella describe Edward's eyes when he is happy?

Bella describes Edward's eyes as topaz or liquid gold when he is happy.

How would you describe the pattern on a cheetah's skin?