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As one of the people you are seeking to describe, I really don't care. Neither are offensive and both acceptable. White identifies a skin tone, Caucasian means a person with roots in the Caucasus Mountains.

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Q: Which is more politically correct Caucasian or White?
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What is Negroid Caucasian and Mongoloid?

Negroid, Caucasian, and Mongoloid are outdated and inaccurate terms once used to categorize human populations based on physical characteristics. They are considered derogatory and have been replaced by more scientifically accurate and politically correct classifications such as African, European, and Asian. These terms perpetuate harmful racial stereotypes and should be avoided.

What is handy capable?

It is a more politically correct way to say handicapped.

What is Carcasion?

I think you mean Caucasian. It is a racial group more or less equivalent to "white."

How is CAUCASUS an ethnic group?

Caucasus is not an ethnic group. Caucasian is typically used as a more politically-correct term for White, which is a racial category. The idea is that most Whites have distant origins (over 3000 years ago) that trace back to the Caucasus Mountains. The Caucasus actually has numerous varied ethnicities, which is why there are numerous language families in close proximity within the Caucasus mountains.

How do you say retard in other languages?

Try saying something more polite or politically correct!!

Why is it called culling instead of killing?

Culling is a more politically correct term than killing.

Why is it important to use politically correct terms?

It is not. It is more important to say what you mean. When you become overly concerned about possibly giving offense you lose the ability to communicate clearly. "I'd rather be right than politically correct."

What is the politically correct term midget dwarf or little person?

little person is the correct term but just calling them a person is more respectful.

Are religious people more apt to be politically correct?

Note that being "politically correct" has nothing to do with politics; it should be properly referred to as 'social acceptability/socially acceptable' (and even that isn't the best description). It is basically acting in a fashion that will cause the least possible offense to anybody that may hear or see that act. For this reason, a person of religious affiliation is just as likely to be "politically correct" as anyone else.

Why do more black guys approch me then white guys when i am white myself?

This has to do with social status. Many African American Males prefer Caucasian women not only because it is socially acceptable, but also because a lot of African American sports figures have Caucasian girlfriends and wives.

If you are a small percentage Native American and mostly white do you check off more than one race or white for a college application?

You check off your predominant racial component. In your case Caucasian/White.

As-tu une femme in English?

Do you have a wife? (Are you married? might be a little more conventional and politically correct way of asking though.)