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Egalitarian refers to incidents of a nature characterized by the notion that all people (of all races and genders) are equal, particularly in politics, the economy, and social situations.

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Condition of political equality.

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Q: What does egalitarianism mean?
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What page of guns germs and steel is the word egalitarianism?

I found the word, egalitarianism, on page 90.

What is the opposite of egalitarianism?

The opposite of egalitarianism is hierarchy, which prioritizes social or economic differences among individuals and groups.

How did the revolutionary war help to stimulate the rise of egalitarianism?

the rise of egalitarianism stimulated the revolutionary war by potatos and chocolate milk

On the spectrum you move from authoritatianism to what?


Condition of political equality is called?


What is a condition of political equality called?


What are the synonyms for equality?

fairness, egalitarianism, justness

What is the condition of political equality called?


What is an antiegalitarian?

An antiegalitarian is a person who opposes egalitarianism.

Which economic providing equality of wealth?


What the definition of egalitarianism?

A belief in the equality of all people

On the political power spectrum you move from authoritarianism to what?