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Egalitarianism is the belief that all are fundamentally equal. According to the Cultural Theory of risk, egalitarianism has a negative attitude towards rules and priniciples, and a positive attitude toward group decision making. Such theory states that an "egalitarianist society" is held together by cooperation and implicit peer pressure instead of explicit rules and punishment.

Some such as Gary Hull of the Ayn Rand Institute say that egalitarianism is outcome based and ends up rewarding mediocrity. Others such as Alexander Berkman who was an anarchist believe that egalitarianism is about equal opportunity.

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An egalitarian government is a government that practices equality among races and religion.

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a society that allows people to participate more or less in political and economic culture

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An egalitarian family is an arrangement in which power is shared more or less equally by both the wife and the husband.

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A society where all people have equal control over their lives. No billionaires, no poverty. No tiny minority who own the earth’s resources. No big power holders.

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Q: What is an egalitarian government?
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Which form of government on the political power spectrum is the most egalitarian?

Representative democracy

Which theory of distributive justice would be most opposed to government involvement in the distribution of goods?


Egalitarian in a sentence?

As an Egalitarian, the man was accepting of all nationalities, political affiliations, religions, and sexes. An Egalitarian believes that all people are equal and deserve equal opportunities.

Make a sentence with the word Egalitarian.?

America was founded on egalitarian beliefs and our constitution confirms that belief.

Use egalitarian in a complete sentence?

Mahatma Gandhi was a egalitarian person who believes all people are equal.

What is the main difference between egalitarian and ranked societies?

The main difference between egalitarian and ranked societies is that in the latter

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Are Buddhists matriarchal or patriarchal or egalitarian?


Filipino belief system values and ideology?

The Filipino belief system is based on the ideology of egalitarian. Egalitarian is the belief that for all people the thought of equality.

What is the difference between an egalitarian society and a hierarchical society?

egalitarian were the hunters hierarchical was gathers they also made there own houses and they were more laid back..

What is highly egalitarian society means?

The word "egalitarian" is related to the word "equality". A highly egalitarian society is one in which people are regarded as being fundamentally equal and having equal rights to representation, education, employment, etc. The term "egalitarian society" implies that this state of affairs arises from the attitudes of the people and is not imposed externally upon them by statute. For example, despite the existence of federal laws making blacks and whites legally equal, the American South in, say, 1880 was NOT an egalitarian society.

What are characteristic of prehistoric?

hunter-gather, nomadic, egalitarian