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every excess become a vice..

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Q: What does every excess becomes a vice mean?
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Who becomes president if the elected president can not serve?

The vice-president becomes President if the president can not function.

If the president dies the vice-president?

The vice-president becomes the president.

How is the vice-president elected?

The vice president is selected by the canidates and if they win the vice president they chose becomes vice president.

Who becomes the new Vice President if the president cannot serve out his term and the vice president elect becomes president?

the secretary of state

If vice president becomes the president who becomes the vice president?

The president 's choice (subject to the consent of both Houses of Congress)

Who becomes present when the present dies?

Do you mean the "president"? In the United States, if the president dies while in office, the vice president becomes president. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt died, for example, Harry Truman (the vice president at the time) became president.

What if both president and vice president die who becomes vice president?

the dude

How does the vice president become president?

a vice president becomes president when the president passes away Example: Vice President President President passes away Vice President becomes President (and it has been done before)

When a vice president takes the place of a president who becomes the next vice president in their place?

When a vice president becomes president, he nominates a new vice president who is sworn in after a confirmation vote by a majority of both houses of congress.

What sentence has the word beastly in it?

"The beastly vice of drinking to excess." --Swift.

The virtue called proper pride has as it's defciency the vice humility and as its excess the vice prodigality true or false?


Who becomes vice president if Obama gets impeached and biden becomes president?

Biden would then nominate someone to be vice-president and if he is confirmed by both houses of Congress he would be the vice-president.