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refers to the introduction og general category of laws

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Q: What does general application of laws mean?
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What is the government where everyone must obey laws called?

checks and balances

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What does statutes of general application means?

Statutes of general application are laws that apply to the public at large within a particular jurisdiction, rather than targeting specific individuals or entities. These laws are typically broad in scope and intended to regulate general conduct or impose obligations on the entire population.

What is the difference between ordinances and statues?

Ordinances are laws or regulations enacted by a local government, such as a city or county. Statutes are laws enacted by a state or federal government. In general, ordinances apply to a specific local jurisdiction, while statutes have broader application.

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What does jurisprudence mean?

Jurisprudence refers to the philosophy or theory of law, and the principles upon which laws are based. It involves the study of legal systems, the interpretation and application of laws, and the underlying reasoning behind legal decisions.

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No it means that laws are excepted

Does the general assembly make laws?

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