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That we have to follow the rules and the laws for our country

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Q: What does political significance mean?
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What is the significance of political sciene?

The significance of political science is great. It is an indispensable tool for things such as social welfare and development. It helps political leaders to come together and work for the greater good of man.

What is its significance in the formation of political structure?

You need to specify what is significant.

What was the political significance of the February Revolution?

Czars were no longer in Russia

What was the Duke of Wellington's political significance?

He was a Tory Political leader and served twice as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

What is the significance between science and technology?

Depends on what you mean by significance.

What is the significance of the great sphinx at Giza?

what do you mean by significance?

What does religious significance mean?

Exactly what it sounds like, it has significance to a religion.

What is the significance of Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday is when many states hold a primary election. The significance of Super Tuesday is that the political parties announce the presidential candidates.

What are the minor parties in a two- party system?

Just that - minor parties, seldom of political significance.

What is the political significance of king Louis portrait painted by Jacques Louis david?

absolute monarchy

What has the author Anna L Larsen written?

Anna L. Larsen has written: 'Political leadership and its significance in a time of troubles' -- subject(s): Political leadership

What does Political upheaval mean?

when political is in upheaval