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Individual freedom means that someone is able to choose what they want to do without permission.

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Q: What does individual freedom mean?
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Is individual freedom an absolute right?

individual freedom is a absolute right

Is individual freedom is an absolute right?

individual freedom is a absolute right

When was Society for Individual Freedom created?

Society for Individual Freedom was created in 1942.

Is there individual freedom in communism?

In theory, yes, there is individual freedom in communism. However, all communist countries have severely restricted individual freedom, so in practice, no.

What is an example of individual right?

freedom of speech

What does it mean to say that the concept of individual freedom is rooted in American colonial history?

I don't kno good question

What is the meaning of individual freedom in a democracy?

It means individual freedom, subject to civil laws, but also taking on individual duties, as a citizen in the society. JW70

How did the totalitarianism that arose after World War 1 differ from earlier forms authoritarianism?

Answer this question… It allowed for much less individual freedom.

What does detention mean?

Detention means lawful holding of a person by a state, government or individual by removing his/her freedom of liberty. and • the punishment of being kept in school after hours

If an individual writes a letter to the editor of a newspaper he or she is exercising which freedom?

freedom of speech

What are the foundations of democracy?

Individual freedom is the foundation of democracy and is considered the key to an effective democracy. Individual freedom is the belief in the primary importance of the individual and in the virtues of self-reliance and personal independence.

What was William h Seward's goal?

spread American ideas of democracy and individual freedom.