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It means that their brains have been processed with high heat to keep out the bacteria.

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Q: What does it mean that the us is idealogically homogeneous?
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What does it mean to have an ANA pattern homogeneous with a flag of A?

Ana pattern homogeneous mean

Is iron homo or hetero?

If you mean homogeneous or heterogeneous, then iron is homogeneous: it is a pure element.

What does homogeneous mix mean?

A homogeneous mixture is a mixture with uniform composition. The parts of a homogeneous mixture can not be separated from one another mechanically.

What does homogenerous mean?

Did you mean homogeneous? Homogeneous means something that is identical or has similar parts. Synonyms are alike, consistent, uniform, or indistinguishable.

What does it mean liver parenchyma is homogeneous?

A homogeneous liver is one that has the same texture throughout.

What does homogeneous mean in science terms?

Homogeneous means of uniform composition; it's the same thing throughout.

Is chunky spaghetti sauce homogeneous or heterogeneous?

me don't know

What does the term heterogeneous and homogeneous mean?

Heterogeneous means different species (or variances) exist. Homogeneous means they don't (sameness).

How many phases are in homogeneous?

Homogeneous mixture refers to a substance or mixture that is uniform in composition throughout. As such, there is typically only one phase in a homogeneous mixture.

Is a solution a homogeneous solution?

It depends on what solution you are talking about. However, generally when we say a solution we mean a homogeneous solution only. but in terms of science it is necessary to specify whether it is homogeneous or heterogeneous.

What does it mean to say that a solution is homogeneous?

Homogeneous means that a material is the same throughout. Samples taken from any part of the material will be identical to one another. Elements and compounds are homogeneous pure substances. Solutions are homogeneous mixtures.

What do the terms homogeneous and heterogenous mean?

homogeneous:composed of parts or elements that are all of the same kind: a homogeneous population.heterogeneous: different in kind; unlike; incongruous.