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The majority must always recognize the right of any minority to become by fair and lawful means, the majority.

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Q: What does majority rule and minority rights mean?
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What are some examples minority rights?

What is an example of majority rule and minority rights?

What does Majority rule with minority rights mean when associated with the US government?

Majority rule means a numerical majority of the voting populace holds the power to make decisions binding on everyone. Minority rights are rights guaranteed to minorities that cannot be removed or modified, even by a vote of the majority.

Which document established the majority rule with rights of the minority protected?

The Bill Of Rights

What are some responsibilities of majority rule?

There is no such thing given the context of the question. There are either rights, shared by minority and majority alike; or there is no rights but what the majority would grant to the minority - therefore they (the majority) have no responsibilities to the minority at all.

Does the U.S. balance majority rule with minority rights?


The Constitution contains protections for both minority rights and majority rule?


What are the key characteristics of a democracy like Australia's?

Broad Participaton Majority Rule Minority Rights Rule of Law Accountable Government

What is the Basic concepts in writing instructional objectives?

A fain in the majority rule and an insistance upon minority rights.

What is the opposite of minority rule?

Majority rule

What are four common democratic practices?

1) free election 2) citizen participation 3) majority rule, minority rights 4) constituional government

Opposite of majority rule?

Dictatorship or minority rule

What agreement is implied in the concept of majority rule?

the largest minority will make the rule if there is no majority