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Majority rule refers to the facet of democracy that allows what the most people want to occur. This is the basis for our voting system in the US. However, if the wants of the majority infringe upon the rights of people in the minority, the majority may have to make concessions.

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They conflict because............i forgot

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Q: How does majority rule conflict with individual rights?
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The potential for conflict between majority rule and individual freedom is a?

Paradox of democracy

The five basic concepts of democracy?

The concepts of democracy are fairly straightforward - but they aren't as easy to live by as they might seem. The concepts are listed below: A.Necessity of compromise B. Equality of all persons C. Majority rule with minority rights D. Individual liberty E. Worth of the individual

Which item also belongs in the list?

accepting majority rule while insisting on minority rights

What is the 8 tenets of the American democracy?

The eight tenets of American democracy are: 1. Individual Worth 2. Individual Freedom 3. Equality 4. Popular Sovereignty 5. Majority Rule 6. Minority Rights 7. Limited Government 8. Compromise

What sustains the Bill of Rights?

majority rule

How do you reword the phrase in the American democracy individual rights are protected by government?

You could say this as it was originally said by the Constitutional Founders:A Democracy is the ability of 51% of the people to remove the rights of the other 49%A Democracy has no respect for the rights of an individual, they are subject to the whims of the majorityA Democracy is Mobocracy, rights of an individual is communistic; the will of the majority shall rule

Which document established the majority rule with rights of the minority protected?

The Bill Of Rights

What are some examples minority rights?

What is an example of majority rule and minority rights?

Whatprinciple of self-government emphasizes majority rule whereas the principle of liberty emphasizes individual rights These principles?

Are universalvand the foundation of all legitimate government.

Does the U.S. balance majority rule with minority rights?


Why does thoreau believe that government in which the majority rule in all cases cannot be based on justice even as far as men understand it?

Thoreau believed that the majority rule can lead to the oppression of minority viewpoints and rights. He argued that true justice requires respect for individual conscience and rights, which may be sacrificed in a system where the majority dictates policies and decisions. Thoreau's concern was that such a system can easily lead to tyranny and injustice.

On which side should the American policy makers err regarding the the collision point of majority rule and individual rights?

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