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A parliment that has been elected in is a non bureaucratic government.

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What is the primary goal of liberty of congress

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Q: What does not accurately describe a bureaucratic government?
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What does not accurately describe the Medicis?

They thought a monarchy was the best form of government

Which symbol most accurately describes our country's government system?

which symbol most accurately describe our country's system of

What is a bureaucratic government?

a bureaucratic government is characterized by a specialization of departments by function and hierarchy of authority

What is bureacratic principles?

Bureaucratic government is a body of government with nonelective government officials.

What is the name of a government with a large bureaucracy?

A government with a large bureaucracy is simply called a bureaucratic government.

What is another term that would describe bureaucratic authority?

Rational-legal authority

Do the bureaucratic regulation have the force of law?

Yes, bureaucratic regulations have the force of law. These regulations are developed and enforced by government agencies to implement laws passed by legislatures. Failure to comply with bureaucratic regulations can result in penalties or legal consequences.

Bureaucratic units operate like a private businesses?

government corp. i think

Government corporations are bureaucratic units designed to?

operate like private businesses (plato)

What is a bureaucratic units designed to operate like private businesses?

government corporations (PLATO) :D

What are the similiarities and differences between bureaucratic organization and flexible organization?

The bureaucratic organization run strictly under the Government Laws but in the flexible organization you can make or change your laws according to your policies or comfort.

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