What does patriots mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it doesn't matter ! hahahahah if you can smell what the rock is cooking

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Q: What does patriots mean?
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What did patriots mean in colonial times?

The Patriots, in colonial times, referred to people who wanted freedom from Britain's control.

What does patrots mean?

If you mean "patriots," a patriot is a person who professes, and proves by action, love for the country he or she was born in. Examples of American patriots include Nathan Hale Benjamin Franklin.

What did stars mean in the American Revolution?

I think the stars mean how many patriots died

What is the name of a fighting farmer?

I think you mean the colonial patriots.

In 1997 who did greenbay play in the Super Bowl?

If you mean Superbowl XXXI, then they beat New England Patriots, but if you mean Superbowl XXXII, they lost to Denver Broncos.

Why do patriots care about rights?

Patriots really didn't understand "rights" because they had never had them. Independence from the king didn't necessarily mean rights.

Did the Oakland Raiders play the NE patriots in the 2001 playoffs?

If you mean the 2000 and 2001 season, then the Baltimore Ravens, and the New York Giants, and the ravens won, and if you mean 2001 and 2002 season, then the Rams and the Patriots and the Patriots won.

What year were the Patriots first established?

I assume by Patriots you mean the New England Patriots of the National Football league. In 1959, the team was introduced as the Boston Patriots but in 1971 the team was relocated to Foxborough, Massachusetts where they were renamed as the New England Patriots. This is the same name that the team uses today.

What to mean particular groups existed in the colonies in the 1770s?

The Patriots and the Loyalists

What does 'stiller than a fleet' mean?

it means stay still but i hate the patriots

What do the colors of us flag mean?

White for PurityBlue for Justice and PreservanceRed for the blood of the patriots

What does MHK on New England Patriates uniform mean?

Patriots wife died thats her initials