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Q: What does president Washington see as dangers to the success of a newly formed US?
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Who was elected the first president when the US was formed?


President when the American Colonization was formed?

America was not a country when the colonies were being formed. So there was not president but when the colonies all became a county George Washington was the first president.

What was the purpose of the cabinets formed during Washington's term?

to advise the President.

Presidential advisory group first formed by President washington?

The Cabinet.

What was the purpose of the cabinet formed during Washington term?

to advise the President.

Who was the president of the US when the county of somerset was formed?

Somerset County, PA was formed in 1795 when George Washington was president. Somerset County , NJ was created long before there were US president.

What was the purpose of the cabinet formed durning Washington's term?

to advise the President.

Who was the first president?

Dr.Rajendra Prasad was the first President of Independent India from 26 Jan 1950 to 13 May 1962.

Which president never picked a political party?

National political parties were formed after George Washington was president, so he was not a member of one.

What US president was the only president to not belong to any political party when first elected?

George Washington. During Washington's two terms the Federalist and Republican (not the current Republican) parties were formed. John Adams was the first (and only) Federalist President, and Jefferson was the first Republican President.

Is it true that Edmund Randolph formed the first senate that advised president Washington?

No, it is not true. Edmund Randolph did not form the first Senate that advised President Washington. The first Senate of the United States was formed as a result of the Constitution and was established in 1789, with the first meeting taking place on March 4. Edmund Randolph did serve in President Washington's administration as the first Attorney General and later as the Secretary of State.

What president served in the Revoluntionary War?

There was no president during the revolution since the country hadn't been formed yet. Washington became the first president in 1789 after the constitution was written and approved by the states.